Mary Ann and Company Dance Studio Ballet, Tap, Jazz Dance Lessons
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Policies & Procedures

Class Policies

Schedule - During the first week of class, you can try different classes with no extra charges. By week two you should be settled into the best classes for you. Please note that classes may change around and/or if one class doesn't’t take, we might put in another class in its place.

Class Pacing - We also try to keep the same students of a class together each year so everyone can keep advancing. If you have missed a year, you will have to almost start from the beginning and if you catch up you can advance to the class you were in the year before.

Class Observation - Because of space limitations we ask that parents do not stay for students aged 6 and older. You will be able to observe the class one a month. Because we are a smaller studio, please do not bring the whole family to watch the little ones. It should be just one parent or guardian.

Saturday Classes - If you take a Saturday morning class, parking in the barber lot is prohibited as his customers must see that the lot is empty. If we do not abide by these rules, classes will be cancelled. You can park on the street, down at the VFW or at the Cremery. In addition, only one parent should accompany children on Saturday. We are a small studio and it is disrupting to others to have students bring their whole family to the studio. Thanks for your cooperation.

Master Classes - Look for the popular BaM Hip Hop Group to come in and teach Master Classes at the studio. The participation fee is $10 for an hour and $15 for 1½ hours. Check the News and Events page for dates and times, and follow us on Facebook for advanced notices on events.

Competitive Dance - To become eligible to dance in competitions, we encourage students take more than one class. Thursday nights are geared toward getting our dancers ready for competition. Friday/Sunday rehearsals are required if you are chosen for competition.


Dress Code

Dancers ages 2½-5 may wear any color leotard and tights. Ballet shoes should be pink; Tap shoes should be black.

Dancers ages 6 and up should wear black leotards and pink tights, with pink ballet shoes and black taps.

Jazz attire is up to the teacher. You can wear jazz shoes or go barefoot.

Acro/Tumbling - Please wear leotards with hair pulled back. Acro shoes, jazz shoes, or bare feet are acceptable.





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