Mary Ann and Company Dance Studio Ballet, Tap, Jazz Dance Lessons
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MAC offers a variety of classes for boys and girls of all ages and skill levels. If you have questions about our classes, or need help deciding which class is best for you, please contact the studio. We're happy to help!


Recreational Ballet Classes
This is a ballet enrichment program designed to bring out the best in your child. It will be a fun and encouraging atmosphere without neglecting correct technique or dance instruction. Students will learn basic ballet vocabulary and steps. We will then build off those steps and continue to increase additional skills and challenges to add to the routines and progressions.

Rec dance allows kids from different skill levels to interact and socialize with one another in a supportive environment. Social skills your child develops through dance will allow them to gain confidence and self esteem; imperative for growth and success!


Cheer/Gym will include the elements of acrobatics combined with dance. Aspiring cheerleaders
Wll stretch, learn basic motions, practice game time cheers, jumps and kicks.

Acrobatic/Tumbling Classes
What is acrobatics and tumbling?
This class will combine gymnastics tumbling and choreographed skills. Gymnastics is a sport and acrobatics is an art.

For dancers, acro is great for adding versatility to your training.

Tumbling is a hi-energy class that focuses on stamina, muscle strength and flexibility through repetition movement. Students will learn tumbling skills and connective forward and backward elements such as handstand variations, rolls, round offs, cartwheels, walk overs and more.

Acro is a fusion of dance technique, agility and strength through acrobatic skills that are seamlessly incorporated Into dance choreography. Students will work on flexibility, strength, balancing and limbering.





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