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MAC offers a variety of classes for boys and girls of all ages and skill levels. If you have questions about our classes, or need help deciding which class is best for you, please contact the studio. We're happy to help!


Acrobatics & Tumbling
Acro and Tumbling is done with just floor mats. We suggest the study of ballet with this class, as it gives the child a stronger foundation to execute the moves required for physical strength and technique.

Ballet is the root of nearly all forms of dance. It teaches students the correct disciplines of dance, ballet positions, body alignment and center body work, as well as terminology.

The beginning class is an introduction to basic street dance and learning to count to the beat and how to move the entire body “loosely” to the beat of funky music. Intermediate and advanced are more challenging. These classes work only dances and steps are added on each week. It is fast-paced and weekly attendance is important!

Whether it be classical, contemporary, urban or modern, ballet technique is a plus. All jazz classes have a center warm-up, down the floor combinations and exercises to strengthen the body. Try each one and decide what movements and music will make your jazz class appealing to you.

This type of dance uses special shoes to make various rhythms and sounds. An art form that originated from the Spanish gypsy flamenco dance and transported to this country to become what it is today - Fast and furious or smooth and graceful, there are no boundaries here!



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